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  • Reality, Curated

    Valentina Loffredo

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • This book presents a selection of works from Valentina Loffredo's first and ongoing series "As for me, I'm very little". The photography plays on the ... Lees meer
    € 19,95
  • Herbarium Vitae

    Phoebe Atkey

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • This book takes us through a set of exquisite floral images of Roses and Peonies. Atkey's artistry is detailed and precise but this, set against a mor... Lees meer
    € 20,45
  • Who Is Anna Andersson

    Meredith Andrews

    • Paperback | Engels
    • This is a visual account of fifty women who, at least superficially, share the same identity. These portraits of ordinary women that share the country... Lees meer
    € 29,95
  • Occupied

    Brian Fouhy

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Occupied is a collection of urinals used and photographed by artist Brian Fouhy. By including information surrounding the use of the urinal, such as t... Lees meer
    € 36,95
  • The Waves Between

    James Midwinter

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • James Midwinter's work isn't necessarily about the act of surfing, but the time and space around it. It seeks to suggest rather than dictate. Midwinte... Lees meer
    € 31,45
  • No Superhero

    Ole Marius Joergesen

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • No superhero is a series of work by the acclaimed Scandinavian artist, Ole Marius Jorgensen. The work features meticulously staged, cinematic photogra... Lees meer
    € 20,45
  • Momentum

    Aaron Tilley

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Executed in a manner that is playful, yet driven with tension, Tilley's photography exacts an anticipation of the moment that is about to happen. Mome... Lees meer
    € 21,95
  • Share Frama

    Frama Frama

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • SHARE FRAMA Case Studies contains 50 pieces of artwork that explores the design from the Frama Studio. Following the success of our previous volumes o... Lees meer
    € 81,45
  • Quietudes

    Daniel Zachrisson

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Scandinavian photographer photographer and designer, Daniel Zachrisson, composes images that create a sense of tension with one another whilst encompa... Lees meer
    € 24,45
  • Her Out There

    Marta Bevacqua

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Photographer Marta Bevacqua represents women in different ways, playing with light, expressions, movement and props. In her first book, we see a colle... Lees meer
    € 28,45
  • Lodestars Anthology

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Lodestars Anthology: Pathways contains 14 of the best and most carefully selected paths and trails in the world. This book explores and details those ... Lees meer
    € 47,45
  • Font and Flavour

    Miisa Mink

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Nordic Bakery is a Scandinavian-style premium coffee shop loved for its Nordic cinnamon buns, coffee, and rye bread. The book tells the tale of how pr... Lees meer
    € 41,95
  • Past Present

    Justine Tjallinks

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Justine combines the 'old' and the 'new' to create images that have a sense of nostalgia whilst the content and subjects are often firmly fixed in pre... Lees meer
    € 67,95
  • Into the Night

    Christoper Gee

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Christopher Gee's paintings are reminiscent of a collection of old photographs whose original context, their meanings and relationships, have long bee... Lees meer
    € 20,95
  • Hide in Plain Sight

    Jens Lennartsson

    • Paperback | Engels
    • As you follow photographer Jens Lennartsson on a journey around the world, you will be inspired by his passion for photography, travel, and amazing fo... Lees meer
    € 27,45
  • Desert Portraits

    Chiara Zonca

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Capturing an essence of the ancient and surreal is what drives Chiara Zonca's photography of other-worldly landscapes. Inspired by dramatic terrain an... Lees meer
    € 24,95
  • Share Lagom

    • Paperback | Engels | SHARE Pocket Book series
    • Following the success of SHARE Vol. 1 & 2 this third installment combines the winning concept of high quality prints on perforated pages with the tren... Lees meer
    € 40,95
  • Measurements

    Nick Barclay

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Whatever the season, it is always a good idea to sit back and relax with a cocktail. Graphic designer Nick Barclay has created a stunning anthology of... Lees meer
    € 23,95
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