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Resultaten gefilterd op "Angel City Press"

90 resultaten

  • Judson

    David Judson

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Judson: Innovation in Stained Glass by David Judson and Steffie Nelson is a history of the world-renowned family of artisans who began crafting staine... Lees meer
    € 58,95
  • Kathy Fiscus

    William Deverell

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • In Kathy Fiscus: A Tragedy that Transfixed the Nation historian William Deverell tells the heartbreaking story of a young girl trapped in a well--a st... Lees meer
    € 32,95
  • Hollywood Rides a Bike

    Steven Rea

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • As National Public Radio puts it, "Bikes have come to connote coolness, urbanity and romance." And as a senior executive at one of those world-class a... Lees meer
    € 26,95
  • I, Con

    Paul Conrad

    • Paperback | Engels
    • To some, Paul Conrad can best be described as a force of nature. I Con, The Autobiography of Paul Conrad explores the life of this three-time Pulitzer... Lees meer
    € 33,45
  • Play by Play

    David Davis

    • Paperback | Engels
    • Imagine Wilt Chamberlain mano a mano with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at The Forum. And Ben Hogan teeing off, Billie Jean King chasing down a lob, Fernando Va... Lees meer
    € 33,45
  • Becoming Los Angeles

    D J Waldie

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Best-selling author and beloved chronicler of Los Angeles D.J. Waldie reconsiders the city in a collection of contemporary essays. Nobody sees Los Ang... Lees meer
    € 26,95
  • Alta California

    • Hardcover | Engels | Western Histories | nr. 2
    • Through innovative methodologies and extensive archival research, the nine essays in this volume reshape our understanding of how people in the northe... Lees meer
    € 40,45
  • For the People

    Michael Parrish

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • With visual and narrative portraits of headline-grabbing criminal cases, this volume charts the first 150 years of the Los Angeles County District Att... Lees meer
    € 45,95
  • From Cows to Concrete

    Rachel Surls

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • What? Los Angeles was the original wine country of California, leading the state's wine production for more than a century? Los Angeles County was the... Lees meer
    € 41,95
  • Real City

    D J Waldie

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • One of the most visited real cities in the world, Los Angeles is a place with many centers -- none more drenched in history and diversity than its Dow... Lees meer
    € 27,95
  • Iconic Vision

    Stephen Gee

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Architect John Parkinson died in 1935, and the Los Angeles Times praised him: "Future generations have only to walk through the streets of Los Angeles... Lees meer
    € 55,95
  • Symphony in Steel

    Gary Leonard

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • When Frank Gehry makes a new building--that's architectural history! And when Gary Leonard gets out his cameras, Los Angeles history is recorded forev... Lees meer
    € 19,45
  • Barkley

    Al Martinez

    • Paperback | Engels
    • If you loved the best-seller Marley and Me and if you still smile when you recall Steinbeck's Travels with Charley, just wait until you start reading ... Lees meer
    € 19,95
  • Santa Monica Pier

    James Harris

    • Paperback | Engels
    • Celebrate a century of good times on the Santa Monica Pier! Vintage images and magnificent color photos capture this beloved international icon at its... Lees meer
    € 22,95
  • Cowboy Love Poetry

    • Paperback | Engels
    • After selling more than 5000 copies in hardcover, "Cowboy Love Poetry" is now a trade paperback. Romantics everywhere will smile as America's most rom... Lees meer
    € 17,45
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