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30 resultaten

  • Electronic Monuments

    Gregory Ulmer

    • Paperback | Engels
    • While corporations, governmental groups, and public relations firms debated the best way to memorialize the event of 9/11, sites of commemoration coul... Lees meer
    € 32,95
  • Nauman Reiterated

    Janet Kraynak

    • Paperback | Engels
    • Bruce Nauman has been a force in the art world since the early 1960s with his challenging audio and video installations, photographic art, neon art, a... Lees meer
    € 33,45
  • Screens

    Kate Mondloch

    • Paperback | Engels
    • Media screens--film, video, and computer screens--have increasingly pervaded both artistic production and everyday life since the 1960s. Yet the natur... Lees meer
    € 31,45
  • Database Aesthetics

    • Paperback | Engels
    • Database Aesthetics examines the database as cultural and aesthetic form, explaining how artists have participated in network culture by creating data... Lees meer
    € 25,45
  • Off the Network

    Ulises Ali Mejias

    • Paperback | Engels
    • The digital world profoundly shapes how we work and consume and also how we play, socialize, create identities, and engage in politics and civic life.... Lees meer
    € 22,95
  • Reticulations

    Philip Armstrong

    • Paperback | Engels
    • Significantly advancing our notion of what constitutes a network, Philip Armstrong proposes a rethinking of political public space that specifically s... Lees meer
    € 31,45
  • Noise Channels

    Peter Krapp

    • Paperback | Engels
    • To err is human; to err in digital culture is design. In the glitches, inefficiencies, and errors that ergonomics and usability engineering strive to ... Lees meer
    € 28,45
  • Digitizing Race

    Lisa Nakamura

    • Paperback | Engels
    • In the nineties, neoliberalism simultaneously provided the context for the Internet's rapid uptake in the United States and discouraged public convers... Lees meer
    € 20,45
  • Avatar Bodies

    Ann Weinstone

    • Paperback | Engels
    • An ethically-based approach to human relations for the media age. Otherness, alterity, the alien--over the course of the past fifty years many of us h... Lees meer
    € 30,95
  • Ex-Foliations

    Terry Harpold

    • Paperback | Engels
    • "Every reading is, strictly speaking, unrepeatable; something in it, of it, will vary. Recollections of reading accumulate in relation to this iterabl... Lees meer
    € 27,95
  • Tactical Media

    Rita Raley

    • Paperback | Engels
    • Tactical media describes interventionist media art practices that engage and critique the dominant political and economic order. Rather than taking to... Lees meer
    € 21,95
  • Digital Sensations

    Ken Hillis

    • Paperback | Engels
    • Virtual reality is in the news and in the movies, on TV and in the air. Why is the technology -- or the idea -- so prevalent precisely now? What does ... Lees meer
    € 25,45
  • Digitize This Book!

    Gary Hall

    • Paperback | Engels
    • In the sciences, the merits and ramifications of open access--the electronic publishing model that gives readers free, irrevocable, worldwide, and per... Lees meer
    € 21,95
  • Avatars of Story

    Marie-Laure Ryan

    • Paperback | Engels
    • Since its inception, narratology has developed primarily as an investigation of literary narrative fiction. Linguists, folklorists, psychologists, and... Lees meer
    € 25,45
  • Small Tech

    • Paperback | Engels
    • The essays in Small Tech investigate the cultural impact of digital tools and provide fresh perspectives on mobile technologies such as iPods, digital... Lees meer
    € 31,45
  • Connected

    Steven Shaviro

    • Paperback | Engels
    • In the twenty-first century, a network society is emerging. Fragmented, visually saturated, characterized by rapid technological change and constant s... Lees meer
    € 22,95
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