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Omwille van de aangepaste douaneformaliteiten m.b.t. de Brexit, is de levertermijn van Engelstalige boeken op dit moment iets langer. Onze excuses voor het ongemak.
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Your guide to delight

on creating health, dealing with change & digital twins

Koen Kas
Paperback | Engels
€ 22,00
+ 44 punten
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This is a book about delight. It introduces the power of delight to create a novel future, not just predict it. Delight is the experience that comes closest to magic, something for which you can’t prepare.

Delight thinking is the ability to surprisingly discover and use or implement something that was unknown before. This book provides a ton of examples of delight thinking in health care and beyond. It shows how to evolve to a world in which we (and in a sense, also companies) don’t get sick anymore.

You Will Learn (Amongst Other Things)…

- …how dealing with the unknown and with change is exactly what will keep you and your company relevant and “young”.
- …that what people want before they die is remarkably similar to what corporates want before they “die” – or better, what they should do to avoid becoming obsolete.
- …that delight (rather than disruptive) thinking is the magic secret. Delight removes friction, provides new perspectives, and designs for trust, empathy, and authenticity.
- …which almost untapped resource of data will make personalized medicine a reality, but even more, lead us into personalized prevention and wellness.
- …how your “digital twin”, a virtual alter ego of yourself, will serve as your lifelong …personal (health) assistant.
- …how to prepare talent and leadership for a future of constant change.

Koen Kas is a health care futurist, professor of oncology, entrepreneur, and international keynote speaker. He is revolutionizing health care by helping leaders prepare their organizations for future realities. He is pioneering the novel concept of Delight thinking, combining Real World data with design & business model innovations into novel experiences redefining Health. His talks on innovation & creativity, against the background of the digital & biological revolutions, are visual game changers with actionable ideas to apply the day after.


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