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StoryHack Action & Adventure, Issue 4 E-BOOK

StoryHack Action & Adventure, #5

Sidney Blaylock, Jr., Spencer E. Hart, Jason Restrick, Julie Frost, Brandon Barrows, Misha Burnett, Jon Mollison, John M Olsen, Damascus Mincemeyer
E-book | Engels | StoryHack Action & Adventure
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StoryHack, Issue Four is finally here! And it's extra full of action and adventure. Here's what you'll find inside:


by Sidney Blaylock, Jr.

The captain of the King's Guard vows to kill the assassin after the death of the King. There's only one problem: it turns out she may not have been the killer.

Island Rescue

by Spencer E. Hart

College-age Frank Mason accompanies his father to the private island of a reclusive billionaire and his lovely, yet lonely daughter. When armed men storm the house, what can they do to rescue their fathers?

Beyond the Temple of Baktaar

by Jason Restrick

Three years ago, Sam Walters emerged from those ruins, alone, unable to discover what had happened to his friend. Now, as he fights in the trenches of France during World War 1, a mysterious apparition in the night hands him his friend's journal.

Wild Yellow

by Brandon Barrows

Clint Hagar never encountered a foe he couldn't beat with bullets or fists - until he met the desert, alone and afoot. And though he survived, something inside of him has broken and he must now battle both his own fear and self-doubt while trying to protect a small, isolated town from the outlaws who terrorize it.

My Foe Outstretched

by Misha Burnett

In a future world two men fight a duel in the ruins under the city. The rules are simple--two men enter the tunnel, one man leaves.

Alpha Equation

by Julie Frost

A young werewolf, an abusive alpha, and a new pack--in space.

The Bouncer's Tale

by Jon Mollison

Trapped in a life as muscle for a crime syndicate, Robert "Bomber" Robinson struggles to maintain his humanity during the second worst night of his life.

Retirement Plan

by John M. Olsen

A retired military veteran settles down on a distant planet away from his old life only to find that violence is a universal trait. Old habits resurface as he is forced to step up and defend his neighbors.

The Spirit of St. George

by Damascus Mincemeyer

In an alternate 1922, a biplane squadron must engage in aerial combat with dragons that are ravaging the American Rockies.







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