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Metasystems E-BOOK

How trust can change the world

Nils van Dam, Dado Van Peteghem
E-book | Engels
€ 19,99
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In the past 30 years, technology has caused waves of disruptive developments, each crashing onto society and business alike. With the tide building and the pace accelerating, the next wave promises to come in big. These new challenges have a societal and environmental impact, are systemic and increasingly complex.
Our old ways of doing business don’t suffice anymore. Furthermore, the future is too fast and too complex to go at it alone. In the future, competition will happen on the level of ecosystems, not just on the level of companies, products or services.
This book gives companies the tools to build mutually beneficial, equal and sincere partnerships. We call them metasystems. And we believe them to be the most suitable armor for the next decade. Metasystems are built on trust and purpose. The biggest challenge is how to leverage the soft side, the human factor again.

“It’s a pivotal time, both exciting and frightening. By joining forces, we believe businesses can accelerate, innovate and create a desirable future horizon.” - Dado Van Peteghem

“The war of all against all has ended. It’s time to reinstate the essence of business: collaborating to fuel progress and a prosperous future.” - Nils van Dam


Dado Van Peterghem - Dado is a founding partner at the transformation advisory firm Scopernia, and co-founder of startups Social Seeder and Speakersbase, giving more than 100 speeches a year on topics as digital transformation, innovation and ecosystem thinking.
Dado studied Communication & Computer Sciences at the University of Ghent and is a published author of 3 business books: Digital Transformation (2014) with Jo Caudron, Corporate Venturing (2018) with Omar Mohout and Metasystems (2020) with Nils van Dam.
Dado actively helps organizations with their innovation vision and strategy. As a member of the strategy committee of leading fashion group Chalhoub Group in Dubai, he often spends time in the Middle East and Asia.

Nils van Dam - Nils is CEO of Belgium’s largest dairy cooperation, Milcobel.Nils built an impressive track record in the Food & Beverage sector thanks to his career with Unilever, first as SVP in Europe and Russia, later as SVP Marketing in Benelux and finally as CEO Belux. After his period at Unilever Nils became partner at Scopernia. As CEO of Unilever, Nils actively and successfully transformed the company into a sustainable frontrunner. Thanks to his extensive experience in the field of sustainable transformation, Nils also lectures on the topic at the University of Antwerp. Apart from being lecturer and CEO at Milcobel, Nils is also active as Non-Executive Director of Spaas, Westmalle and Jacoti.


  • Productcode (EAN): 9789048639373
  • Verschijningsdatum: 11/08/2020
  • Type: E-book
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  • Productcode (EAN): 9789048639373
  • Taal: Engels
  • Verschijningsdatum: 11/08/2020