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The Tulsa Massacre of 1921

The Worst Race Riot in American History

Matthew Williams
Paperback | Engels
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On the March 30th, 1921 a young black man, Dick Rowland, took the elevator of the Drexel Building in Tulsa, Oklahoma to go and use the restroom designated for use by black people. Moments later, the elevator's door opened, and the operator, a young white woman by the name of Sarah Page, began screaming and the young man ran out. The next day, an incendiary article against Rowland appeared in the local newspaper detailing the incident. Shortly thereafter, chaos ensued and mobs of white people began to attack and murder members of the largely black communities. This is the story of the Tulsa Massacre of 1921 which was the worst riot in American History.

The Greenwood district of Tulsa in 1921 was home to peaceful and prosperous black communities and was also known as Black Wall Street. It was a thriving community but that changed when angry white men began plundering it on the 1st of June 1921.

In all, about 3,500 homes were destroyed, 10,000 black people displaced, and 300 of them were murdered. Dead bodies lay on the streets of Greenwood and some were dumped in mass graves in a local cemetery. Come and read the chilling account of what really transpired.

Here's a preview of what you'll discover in this book:

  • History of Greenwood and settling of black people

  • The town that become a peaceful and prosperous spot

  • Black people from around the country moving to Greenwood

  • What really happened on March 30th 1921 in Greenwood

  • Heightening of racial tensions between black and white people during this period

  • The onslaught of mayhem and deployment of the National Guard

  • Black people arrested, murdered and driven out of their homes

  • The town of Greenwood that lay in ruin and its aftermath

... and much more!

Millions of dollars worth of damage occurred and many black businesses were destroyed. The relatives of those who died, and the living survivors still seek closure. The answers seem to be on their way, but the unimaginable tragedy has tainted the chapter of race. This book presents an eye-opening analysis of the turn of events leading up to the massacre and a perspective of history that is every bit worth knowing.

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