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The Last Pick-6

Bruce Evans
Paperback | Engels
€ 12,45
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How to fix a horse race in three easy steps. One -you must have an underhanded horse veterinarian. Two- you need a hustler who is willing to make bets that he knows are illegal. Three- the vet must inject the horses with Slo-Mo-Juice. You may ask why Slo-Mo-Juice. Don't you want the horses to run faster? Not Phil and George. What they wanted was to slow down the favorites so the long shots win. Epically when there was almost half a mil in the Pick-6 pool*Phil was a big-white-fat horse vet that worked Yakima Meadows. George was a small Sammy Davis looking black Business Opportunity con man. The two had worked together on many Business Opportunity scams-payphones, pay faxes, vending machines, but this Pick-6 fix was going to be their biggest haul ever. **.******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************There was a problem. The problem was called GEORGIA .George met Georgia at the Denny's in Yakima. She was a 25 year old black waitress with a body that could start or stop a heart attack. The horse racing fix was set for Saturday. Phil made sure all the right horses were juiced and that George had a list of the right Pick-6 horses to bet. Everything was ready . ESPECIALLY GEORGIA'S BODY.. When George invited Georgia to go with him she jumped at the chance .At the track George stood up to make a piss run. Georgia stood next to him and pressed and rubbed that killer body against him. She gave him a kiss. "That's for luck." she said. "Let's cash in." George was 20 years older than Georgia. When she hit him with that 'bod' he forgot where he was. That was a mistake. Georgia excelled at picking pockets and she showed George what a con was all about. She lifted his 5G's and his racing form. When George returned Georgia was gone. Once he realized that he had been taken he made a mad dash to the bank and with drew another 5 grand. George laughed. Georgia was a beautiful back con, his dream woman. George made it back in time to make the Pick-6 bet. Just as Phil planned all the long shots won, but something was wrong. The board showed two live PICK-6 tickets. George knew about odds and having two tickets with the same long shots had a bad smell to it. It wasn't long before George discovered the problem-GEORGIA! She used his money and the marked racing form to purchase the same tickets he played. Even though the tickets won George was going after her, but changed his mind. She was a hustler like he was. Instead he made her a partner in his Business Opportunity Racket. ************************************************************************************************************************************************___This led to George purchasing a truck load of Viagra. Georgia like to fuck and so did George. George taught Georgia the Biz-Op Business and Georgia taught George some strange ways to fuck. Unfortunately for George his past was catching up with him. A couple of murders and the fleecing of millions from irate Biz-Op customers was about to do him in. George was a WWII hero but when the Attorney General arrested him his war record did nothing to save him. In the end George suffered a violent death. Fortunately for Georgia she left just before the violence started. **************************************************************************************************************************************************In the 80's Bruce Evans was one of HUSTLERS most popular fiction writers. Before he kicked off he wrote THE LAST PICK-6.THE LAST PICK-6 is for horse racing fans and the HUSTLER readers that enjoyed Evans-HUSTLER type of fiction.





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Trade paperback (VS)
140 mm x 216 mm
145 g
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