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How To Crochet Recycled Materials

Your Step By Step Guide To Crocheting Recycled Materials

Howexpert, Sarah Olson
Hardcover | Engels
€ 35,95
+ 71 punten
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If you want to crochet recycled items, then get "How To Crochet Recycled Materials" guide.

Are you the sort of person who hates throwing anything away that might still have a use? Do you enjoy bargain hunting and crocheting? Then this guide is definitely for you!

With the help of straight forward, easy to follow instructions and step-by-step photos, you'll learn how to:
- See the world around you through a new lens that turns just about everything into a possible crochet material;
- Save money on yarn while still being able to create beautiful projects;
- Choose sweaters that are good candidates for unraveling and reuse;
- Figure out what sort of fiber a mystery yarn is made from;
- Unravel a sweater the easy, fast way;
- Roll a center-pull yarn ball like the ones seen in stores;
- Make yarn from plastic grocery bags;
- Make yarn from old jeans;
- Make yarn from old t-shirts;
- Use your new yarns to make fun and useful items like afghans, hot pads, and purses;
- And more!

There's also no need to worry about being a master crocheter, sewer, or crafter in general. The techniques used to create yarns as well as work with them are all very basic. If you can use scissors and if you've mastered the most basic of crochet stitches, then you'll feel like an expert within minutes with the help of this guide.

About the Expert
Sarah Olson has been crocheting for nearly ten years, and is always looking for new ways to innovate within her craft. She first stumbled upon crocheting with recycled materials when she saw a pile of worn out sweaters her mother planned to throw away. Instead of seeing stretched-out material and threadbare spots, she saw the potential that was still hidden in the bright colors and soft textures. After much trial and error, these sweaters went on to become a beautiful afghan that's still in use today! She hopes that her guide will save fellow crochet enthusiasts time by allowing them to bypass all the experimentation, and help keep useful materials out of landfills as well!

HowExpert publishes quick 'how to' guides on all topics from A to Z by everyday experts.


  • Productcode (EAN): 9781647583941
  • Verschijningsdatum: 28/03/2020
  • Aantal bladzijden: 108
  • Uitgeverij: Howexpert
  • Afmetingen: 127 mm x 203 mm
  • Gewicht: 244 g
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  • Aantal bladzijden: 108
  • Productcode (EAN): 9781647583941
  • Taal: Engels
  • Verschijningsdatum: 28/03/2020