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FileMaker Pro 14 E-BOOK

The Missing Manual

Susan Prosser, Stuart Gripman
Engels | E-book
€ 36,21
+ 36 punten


You don't need a technical background to build powerful databases with FileMaker Pro 14. This crystal-clear, objective guide shows you how to create a database that lets you do almost anything with your data so you can quickly achieve your goals. Whether you're creating catalogs, managing inventory and billing, or planning a wedding, you'll learn how to customize your database to run on a PC, Mac, web browser, or iOS device.

The important stuff you need to know:

  • Dive into relational data. Solve problems quickly by connecting and combining data from different tables.

  • Create professional documents. Publish reports, charts, invoices, catalogs, and other documents with ease.

  • Access data anywhere. Use FileMaker Go on your iPad or iPhone—or share data on the Web.

  • Harness processing power. Use new calculation and scripting tools to crunch numbers, search text, and automate tasks.

  • Run your database on a secure server. Learn the high-level features of FileMaker Pro Advanced.

  • Keep your data safe. Set privileges and allow data sharing with FileMaker's streamlined security features.
  • Specificaties

    • ISBN-nummer: 9781491917435
    • Verschijningsdatum: 13/05/2015
    • Uitgeverij: O'reilly Media
    • Type: E-book
    • Beveiligd met: /
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    • ISBN-nummer: 9781491917435
    • Taal: Engels
    • Verschijningsdatum: 13/05/2015