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  4. Everybody loves..-7cdbox-

Everybody loves..-7cdbox-

Dean Martin
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Everybody Loves..-7cdbox- is een album van Dean Martin, uitgebracht in 2002. Everybody Loves..-7cdbox- bevat o.a. de nummers: “Senza Fine”, “Baby-O”, “I Love Paris”, “The Last Time I Saw Paris” en vele anderen. Het album betreft een middle of the road 7-CD.


CD 1

1. Senza fine
2. Dame su amor
3. Baby-o
4. Just close your eyes
5. Tik-a-tee, tik-a-tay
6. C'est si bon
7. The poor people of paris
8. The river seine
9. I love paris
10. The last time i saw paris
11. Mimi
12. April in paris
13. Darling, je vous aime beaucoup
14. Gigi
15. La vie en rose
16. C'est magnifique
17. Man'selle
18. Manana
19. South of the border
20. Tangerine
21. In a little spanish town
22. (alla en) el rancho grande
23. What a difference a day made
24. Always in my heart
25. Magic is the moonlight
26. Besame mucho
27. From the bottom of my heart (dammi, dammi, dammi
28. Who's got the action?
29. La paloma

CD 2

1. Sam's song
2. Any time
3. Room full of roses
4. My heart cries for you
5. I'm so lonesome i could cry
6. Shutters & boards
7. Singing the blues
8. Ain't gonna try anymore
9. Face in a crowd
10. Things
11. Blue, blue day
12. Hey, good lookin'
13. I walk the line
14. My sugar's gone
15. Candy kisses
16. Take good care of her
17. I can't help it (if i'm still in love with you)
18. I'm gonna change everything
19. Bouquet of roses
20. From lover to loser
21. Rockin' alone (in an old rockin' chair)
22. Second hand rose
23. Corrine, corrina
24. The middle of the night is my cryin' time
25. Just a little lovin'
26. Via veneto
27. Mama roma
28. Grazie, prego, scusi
29. Marina
30. Take me

CD 3

1. La giostra (the merry-go-round)
2. Smile
3. I'm confessin' (that i love you)
4. Fools rush in
5. I'll buy that dream
6. If you were the only girl in the world
7. Gimme a little kiss
8. Will ya, huh
9. My melancholy baby
10. Baby, won't you please come home
11. I don't know why (i just do)
12. Blue moon
13. Everybody loves somebody
14. Hands across the table
15. Style
16. Mr.booze
17. Don't be a do-badder
18. Any man who loves his mother
19. Everybody loves somebody
20. Your other love
21. We open in venice
22. Bianca
23. If this isn't love
24. Fugue for tinhorns
25. The oldest established (permanent floating crap
26. Guys and dolls
27. Guys and dolls-reprise
28. Peace on earth/silent night

CD 4

1. Siesta fiesta
2. A little voice
3. So long, baby
4. The door is still open to my heart
5. You're nobody 'till somebody loves you
6. Every minute, every hour
7. We'll sing in the sunshine
8. Clinging vine
9. Always together
10. In the misty moonlight
11. Have a heart
12. You'll always be the one i love
13. Wedding bells
14. Sophia
15. Send me the pillow you dream on
16. I'll be seeing you
17. Send me some lovin'
18. In the chapel in the moonlight
19. My heart is an open book
20. I'll hold you in my heart
21. (remember me) i'm the one who loves you
22. Here comes my baby
23. Welcome to my world
24. The birds and the bees
25. I don't think you love me anymore
26. My shoes keep walking back you
27. Born to lose

CD 5

1. King of the road
2. Take these chains from my heart
3. Walk on by
4. Bumming around
5. Red roses for a blue lady
6. Love, love, love
7. Houston
8. Little lovely one
9. I will
10. Down home
11. Old yellow line
12. The first thing ev'ry morning (and the last thin
13. Everybody but me
14. You're the reason i'm in love
15. Hammer and nails
16. Snap your fingers
17. Detour
18. Somewhere there's a someone
19. That old clock on the wall
20. South of the border
21. Empty saddles
22. Red sails in the sunset
23. On the sunny side of the street
24. The glory of love
25. Side by side
26. If i knew susie
27. The last round-up

CD 6

1. Who's got the action?-soundtrack version
2. Any man who loves his mother-soundtrack version
3. Style-soundtrack version
4. Don't be a do-badder-soundtrack version
5. 's wonderful-soundtrack version
6. 's wonderful-solo soundtrack version
7. Sophia-soundtrack version
8. Empty saddles/if i knew susie-soundtrack version
9. On the sunny side of the street/the last round-u
10. South of the border-soundtrack version
11. Red sails in the sunset-soundtrack version
12. Side by side-soundtrack version
13. The glory of love-soundtrack version
14. The glory of love-end soundtrack version
15. Unidentified guide vocal: true love (italian)
16. Everybody loves somebody (italian)
17. Everybody loves somebody (spanish)
18. Everybody loves somebody (french)
19. Everybody loves somebody (japanese)



Dean Martin
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