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Broken machine

Nothing But Thieves
€ 23,99
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The Japanese art of kintsugi is to take something broken and make it more beautiful than before; shards of ceramic put back together with gold-flecked glue, the cracks a proud part of the object. It’s a concept that’s central to Broken Machine, the second album from Southend-formed, South-east-based five-piece Nothing But Thieves, whose slow-burning self-titled 2015 debut made them a big deal worldwide– but fractured them too.


1. I was just a kid
2. Amsterdam
3. Sorry
4. Broken machine
5. Live like animals
6. Soda
7. I'm not made by design
8. Particles
9. Get better
10. Hell, yeah
11. Afterlife


  • ISBN-nummer: 0889854370312
  • Verschijningsdatum: 7/09/2017
  • Record label: RCA
  • Type: Audio
  • Uitgave: LP
  • Taal: Engels