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60 essential recordings

Patsy Cline
€ 6,99
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Patsy Cline is without doubt one of the greatest female singers in the history of Country music and in her short career she managed to make an impact that has echoed down to this day and if it wasn't for her pioneering work Country music would be a very different place. Patsy remains a major influence on all female Country singers to this day. This compilation contains 60 Patsy Cline classics such as 'Crazy', 'Walkin' After Midnight', 'I Fall To Pieces', amongst other gems.


CD 1

1. Crazy
2. She's got you
3. Leavin' on your mind
4. A poor man's roses (or a rich man's gold)
5. Hidin' out
6. A church, a courtroom, and then goodbye
7. I love you, honey
8. Come on in (and make yourself at home)
9. I've loved and lost again
10. Dear god
11. The heart you break may be your own
12. Pick me up (on your way down)
13. Today, tomorrow, and forever
14. Try again
15. Then you'll know
16. Three cigarettes in an ashtray
17. In care of the blues
18. Hungry for love
19. I can't forget you
20. Cry not for me

CD 2

1. I fall to pieces
2. Heartaches
3. If i could see the world (through the eyes of a child)
4. Just out of reach
5. I can see an angel
6. Let the teardrops fall
7. Never no more
8. If i could only stay asleep
9. I'm blue again
10. Yes, i understand
11. Gotta lot of rhythm in my soul
12. Lovesick blues
13. How can i face tomorrow?
14. There he goes
15. Crazy dreams
16. Shoes
17. Lovin' in vain
18. True love
19. The wayward wind
20. Who can i count on?

CD 3

1. Walkin' after midnight
2. When i get through with you (you'll love me too)
3. You're stronger than me
4. Imagine that
5. So wrong
6. Anytime
7. Seven lonely days
8. I love you so much it hurts
9. Have you ever been lonely (have you ever been blue)?
10. Strange
11. You belong to me
12. Your cheatin' heart
13. That's my desire
14. Half as much
15. Lonely street
16. You were only fooling (while i was falling in love)
17. I can't help it (if i'm still in love with you)
18. Why can't he be you?
19. You took him off my hands
20. I'll sail my ship alone


  • ISBN-nummer: 0805520131865
  • Verschijningsdatum: 5/07/2018
  • Record label: BIG 3
  • Type: Audio
  • Uitgave: CD
  • Taal: Engels
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Uitgebreide specificaties


  • Artiest: Patsy Cline
  • Uitgeverij: BERTUS


  • ISBN-nummer: 0805520131865
  • Taal: Engels
  • Verschijningsdatum: 5/07/2018
  • Reeks: BIG 3