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Resultaten gefilterd op "Arcade Publishing"

509 resultaten

  • All That Remains

    Sue Black

    • Paperback | Engels
    • Book of the Year, Saltire Literary Awards A CrimeReads Best True Crime Book of the Month For fans of Caitlin Doughty, Mary Roach, Kathy Reichs, and CS... Lees meer
    € 15,95
  • Apropos of Nothing

    Woody Allen

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • The Long-Awaited, Enormously Entertaining Memoir by One of the Great Artists of Our Time--Now a New York Times , USA Today, Los Angeles Times , and Pu... Lees meer
    € 31,45
  • Heart of the Machine

    Richard Yonck

    • Paperback | Engels
    • For Readers of Ray Kurzweil and Michio Kaku, a New Look at the Cutting Edge of Artificial Intelligence Imagine a robotic stuffed animal that can read ... Lees meer
    € 15,45
  • All Gall Is Divided

    E M Cioran

    • Paperback | Engels
    • "An antidote to a world gone mad for bedside affirmation"-- Washington Post. E. M. Cioran has been called the last worthy disciple of Nietzsche and "a... Lees meer
    € 19,95
  • The Hole

    Hye-Young Pyun

    • Paperback | Engels
    • Winner of the Shirley Jackson Award. Named One of the Top 10 Thrillers to Read This Summer by Time Magazine. Misery meets The Vegetarian in this psych... Lees meer
    € 14,45
  • Above the Ether

    Eric Barnes

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Chillingly recognizable . . . In twenty years--or less--people will have a hard time believing that this is a work of the imagination. That's how conv... Lees meer
    € 33,45
  • Dina's Book

    Herbjorg Wassmo

    • Paperback | Engels
    • Set in Norway in the mid-nineteenth century, Dina's Book presents a beautiful, eccentric, and tempestuous heroine who carries a terrible burden: at th... Lees meer
    € 22,95
  • Creepy Crawling

    Jeffrey Melnick

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Creepy crawling was the Manson Family's practice of secretly entering someone's home and, without harming anyone, leaving only a trace of evidence tha... Lees meer
    € 22,95
  • Jacob the Liar

    Jurek Becker

    • Paperback | Engels
    • ​One of the most remarkable novels of the Holocaust ever written, and the basis of the 1999 major motion picture starring Robin Williams. A novel abou... Lees meer
    € 17,95
  • All That Remains

    Sue Black

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • Book of the Year, 2018 Saltire Literary Awards A CrimeReads Best True Crime Book of the Month For fans of Caitlin Doughty, Mary Roach, Kathy Reichs, a... Lees meer
    € 34,45
  • Virtue, Valor, & Vanity

    Eric Burns

    • Paperback | Engels
    • Washington, Adams, Henry, Jefferson, Franklin, and Hamilton: their ambitions, intrigues, and jealousies shaped the birth of the nation, but they overc... Lees meer
    € 19,95
  • The Candy Men

    Nile Southern

    • Paperback | Engels
    • In the early fall of 1958, the notorious Olympia Press in Paris published a novel entitled Candy , an erotic, Rabelaisian satire loosely based on Volt... Lees meer
    € 16,95
  • Kid Moses

    Mark R Thornton

    • Paperback | Engels
    • This lean, raw, and surprising debut is a deeply moving and powerful story of Moses, a nine-year-old survivor of the harsh streets of Dar es Salaam, T... Lees meer
    € 20,45
  • Boek

    Keeping Secrets

    Bina Bernard

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • For fans of All the Light You Cannot See and The German Girl, Keeping Secrets is a remarkable debut, by a veteran American magazine journalist explori... Lees meer
    € 27,45
  • Wish Lanterns

    Alec Ash

    • Hardcover | Engels
    • "Ash's book paints a telling portrait of this most restless generation raised in a system that has provided them with unprecedented personal opportuni... Lees meer
    € 34,95
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